Latvian Association of Oncology Patient Organizations “OncoAlliance”, established in 2019, brings together organizations of patients with different types of cancer aiming to implement evidence-based advocacy of patient interests and rights.

The founders of “OncoAlliance” are the men’s health movement-foundation “Movember Latvija”, the melanoma patient support association “A step ahead of melanoma”, “Pink Train” charity foundation – support group for breast cancer patients, the Society for lung cancer patients and their relatives, the Association of bowel cancer patients “EuropaColon Latvia”, Latvian women-volunteers’ society “Vita” and Alliance for men’s health “Different generations for life”.

“OncoAlliance” actively engages in the development of the Latvian State policy for oncology (including the Oncology Plan), as well as in the development of the healthcare system in general, implements patient advocacy and educational projects to ensure the modern treatment and cancer care for oncology patients.